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EMT Paramedic
Brigades of emergency ambulance in as much as possible short terms should render highly skilled on-site assistance, along the line and if necessary quickly to deliver in a hospital to destination. People meet service of first aid in the heaviest, and sometimes tragical days of the life. Therefore the main quality of EMT paramedic is efficiency, instant readiness to help the patient. Average medical workers - irreplaceable assistants to the doctor at rendering emergency ambulance, carrying out of intensive therapy and реанимационных actions.
The primary goals of emergency ambulance are:
1. Full availability of medical aid to the population at any time.
2. High efficiency and timeliness of rendering of all kinds of medical aid at a pre-hospital stage.
3. Maintenance of fast hospitalisation in corresponding medical institution.
4. Improvement of professional skill of medical staff for maintenance of necessary quality and medical aid volume to all categories of victims and patients.
The branch of the first help provides rendering:
1. Emergency medical aid:

2. The Urgent help at an aggravation of various chronic diseases at adults and children (especially till 1st year of life)